Well this is my first blog post so please do not judge to harshly! My name is Katherine and I am the PNOLA drywall lady. I have lived in the city for a little over a year working in the rebuilding effort. These last couple weeks specifically though I have been doing all the drywall finishing with my work partner Gil at several houses including but not limited to the home on Calhoun, Rocheblave, Sere St, Marigny rd and a couple others that I don't know the street name to. Unfortunatley I am not prepared to wow you guys with pictures but I do have a couple:

After a roof leak during the last tropical storm we had to repair some ceilings at the home on Marigny.
Our faithful worksite companion who I keep calling Chloe. This is not Chloe but somehow that name stuck in my mind. This handsome gentleman of a dog sits below me as I make repairs to his ceilings.

Well thats about all I can think of to write, Thanks for reading!

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