Go Big or Go Home

Greetings from the 7th ward! This week PNOLA borrowed a group from the United Church of Christ for some back breaking demolition. The UCC sent over three tough women and Tommy, who was also tough, but not a woman.

We just started on this project and had to remove moldy drywall (see above) and old vinyl and linoleum flooring that sat since Katrina. Needless to say it was a dirty job, but these volunteers tore through it. The homeowner was unfortunately the victim of contractor fraud. The individual he hired took the money and left him without proper roofing or exterior walls, as well as tons of building code violations (see water damage below). As a result of this crime, this family is still waiting to get back into their house.

With demolition just about complete, we can finally start rehabbing this lovely home.

Thanks again to the gang from Cincinnati and Massachusetts. As the neighbor put it, "Y'all are some bad women." I think by "bad" he meant "good," and Tommy was real "bad" too, but he's not a woman.

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