come along

Recently I have had the pleasure of working among several fine carpenters, John, Christian, Gil and Jim M included. There is a long narrow house that was leaning a bit. With a few brains and a buncha braces, 40,000 lb straps and the gadget displayed by John below, we cranked the roof back and a wall into plumb.

We made sure to have a building permit (right).

We had to take out a bunch of barge boards between the porch and the house to rebuild the front wall. I felt it a privilege to show Ms. Mary Rush where her front door would be (below).

Working alongside so many excellent craftsmen and women the past month and a half has been a fine experience. And the continual refusal to do a half-assed job is inspiring. Big up to the PNOLA construction staff for rockin this ship and stuff, everything looks excellent. And to the guys from Alfred State, you've beasted the house on Cleveland St thus far, thanks and thanks.

Here is Christian being a badass and removing a section of the temporary wall after we secured the weight of the roof. What focus.

Keep up the good work everyone, let's enjoy the beautiful weather.


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