Welcome Home!!

"Welcome Home!" has been the words of the day as PNOLA welcomed home Bessie Montgomery and Debra Green in two officials ceremonies with United Way this afternoon. Since coming to PNOLA in April, these two homeowners are the second and third jobs I have gotten to put my hands in completing. Of course, I merely helped organized and facilitate all the construction as a project manager, but if it hadn't been for the wonderful volunteers, PNOLA staff, and subcontractors that helped it would have never got done as quickly has it did for these deserving lower ninth residents.

Shout out to all the new Americorp for coming out today and to Benita from United Way for making the ceremonies special for each homeowner!!

As Jim Coningsby said during one of the parties today "These will never get old", I too agree and can not wait for PNOLA to have many more of these in the year to come!

Today will always be a great reminder of why I am here! Thank for reading!

Heidi Miles
Project Manager at PNOLA

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