Things you think about in a respirator

Part of my past rebuilding was as a mold remediation specialist. Yep, mold remediation. Sounds WAY nicer than it really is. It's a dirty job (Mike Rowe would be proud), and I was the one to do it. Now that I am no longer the remediation specialist, I swore off respirators. Especially respirators in the middle of the summer, but today John and I found ourselves searching through PNOLA's materials looking for one.

The last few things at the LeDuff house warranted some clean breathing--finishing the hardwood floors. I still have no idea how people do that all day every day for their job!! But, it came to me while finishing that the things you think about when you and your partner in rebuilding are both wearing respirators and can't do much talking, are nuts. From what's for dinner tonight to polyurethane looking like stomach bile, to trying to find patterns in the dogs barking outside (I'm sure they are saying something) to where to put furniture if it were your house...funny things pop into my head all the time! It's entertaining, but keep in mind that you sound nuts when you just laugh randomly at yourself and sneezing in a respirator isn't a joy.

We seem to be wrapping up a bunch of houses this week--Calhoun, Johnson, LeDuff....It's great to get some of them off our plate so that we can start new homes, get more people home, you know the usual down here.

Looking forward to some more welcome home parties soon!...and some more volunteers (you coming?!!!?)


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