Mid-week update

Well, its Wednesday. Time for "The Great Gil Blog!!"

Hi, i'm Gil! I'm one of the new Site Managers here at PNOLA. This week Katherine and I have been fitting drywall and mudding, trying to get a house all ready for paint. It's been an interesting week, full of ups (finished hanging drywall today!) and downs (finding all kinds of spots that need touch up work and getting eaten alive by bugs). All in all, its been fun!

We had some volunteers come out with us yesterday and help us with some mudding. They did a great job and hopefully had a great time! They are on vacation from New York and decided to take a day out of their vacation to volunteer with us. Their help was greatly appreciated by us, the homeowner and all of New Orleans! Thanks again Matt & Kim!!

I'd like to give a shout-out to another volunteer who has been with us this week, his name is Jack. He is also from New York and he has helped out every year since Katrina. I haven't had the privilege to work with him yet but hope to soon.

Well that's pretty much it for this week. Hope the weather keeps going good, hope the work keeps getting done and hope the Saints catch a "W"this Sunday! WHO DAT?


WF said...


I saw the note that you had returned - great news! Hope to work with you again soon!


kim said...

Hey Gil!

Finally got a chance to check out the blog, thanks for the post! Matt and I had an awesome time working on the house with you guys. My arms were sore for 2 days after haha!