Do you have a case of the Monday's?

We never have a case of the "Mondays" at PNOLA!! NEVER! So with that, I'm Bridget--one of the new Site Managers with PNOLA.

It poured rain in the morning which, you know, is a great way to start a Monday. BUUUUT! We have a volunteer (the first since I started here September 1st)! Jack has volunteered with us before, and it's great to hear how he has noticed things changing. We have a mighty team of sarcastic, hard working, problem solving people assembled at the Calhoun St. house. Should be done any day now. The house is half a shotgun--but not the typical shotgun house. It's split (hamburger style, not hot dog...yes I do have a degree in Elementary Education) into 2 units. Each has 2 bedrooms, an open kitchen and living space and a full bathroom. Looks like the target market is either college kids (I would have LOVED to live there) or small families. Hopefully by the end of the week we will have things wrapped up and ready to go.

Looking forward to starting a house and working it from start to finish. Hope you are willing to take that journey with us.


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