As Summer Approaches, We're Just Getting Hot!

Recently, it seems like almost all of our volunteers are coming from the North. Are they tryin' to warm their bones and enjoy our great city before the dead heat of summer arrives? Not a bad idea. Whatever their motivation, you'll hear no complaints on our end. The last few weeks have been great.

Over at Lyle's house, we threw up a ton of sheetrock and did some carpentry with a great group of fellow AmeriCorps(ers?) from New York.

Check out that sweet ride in the background. Is that a four-door Subaru? Yes. Yes, it is.

Haulin' pink-board

And a special thanks for the drywall tools too!

After that, we had two lovely weeks with DNV Renewables. Coming from far and wide to be here (Washington State and Massachusetts), they started off hanging a little more sheetrock and then proceeded to mud, tape, sand, and prime the heck out of the place. Not a piece of Gypsum was spared.

Apparently, after two weeks of work, I only have two photographs of our efforts?

Lookin' good, though!

Next, we traveled just a few blocks down the road to Marie's house. There, with the help of the University of Michigan (and powered by sweet tea), we primed and painted the outside of the house. When that was done, we moved inside, where we were joined by enthusiastic paint scrapers from New York Parks, along with Meg and Mal.

Those Marshmellow walls look delicious

Properly protected cabinets = fabulous

This poor mantle never knew what hit it

University of Michigan!

NY Parks and Meg and Mal!


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