A Whirlwind Couple Days at Lyle's

While PNOLA only hosted volunteers for a couple of days this week, we were lucky enough to get a lot of folks out on site.

The guys from In Balanced Living (Tuscan) came down and hung, mudded, and taped a ton of sheetrock in the basement with Jen. Upstairs, we still had quite a bit of gutting that they knocked out real quick, not to mention some TSPing and furring out walls.

That Kitchen's gonna look real nice...

The guys from Tuscan working on the ceiling
Meanwhile, we had an Inter-varsity group from Vermont, who did some gutting and also helped us TSP all the walls upstairs.

Sorry for the poor quality photo, but if you look real close you can see this wall is "Completely" TSPed

Finally, we had a great group from Gainesville, Florida who helped us furr out our walls, TSP the ceilings, and build two support walls so we can replace a couple top plates.

Temporary support wall!

Have a safe trip back!

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