Jaaaaaaack! Thank you!

With a passion for Depot runs and a taste for The Spot's meatloaf, PNOLA's beloved returning volunteer Jack, has come time and time again to get a little sweaty, wield a crow-bar, and do something new every time he comes to serve with us. On behalf of the Phoenix of New Orleans crew, thank you Jack for the impact you've had on our homeowners, bringing our team together, and for turning us on to the Rock n' Bowl craze...

And now, PNOLA's first ever guest post:

First of all, let me say, I do read this blog. Religiously. (So there’s at least one.)

My name is Jack Styczynski and I’m a recurring volunteer with PNOLA. In my spare time, I dabble in teaching, news research and a little bit of sports writing.

I’m a Yankee who loves the New Orleans Saints.

Yeah, the football team too, but in this case I mean the non-profit organizations that are still rebuilding the city almost six years after Katrina. They’re the real Saints. I’ve volunteered with three since the storm, and this past week I made my fourth tour of duty with PNOLA.

Not once have I been disappointed. In fact, I always regret having to leave, and I promise I’ll be back soon. I can’t forget New Orleans.

Never forget New Orleans. Keep going. The mission isn’t finished.

I can honestly say no one is more committed to the cause and does more with less than PNOLA Director of Development Jim Coningsby. Our long conversation last Thursday night was extremely enlightening. (I do love Bourbon Street as much as the rest of the city though. Forget the strippers and beer-blooded tourists. Ask Greg about Indy Cars and cabernet.) Special thanks for letting me stay in the “bunk house” for the first time and giving me free reign over the computers too. Little did you know your keyboards spent the week as the New Orleans basketball bureau of the New York Times.

God bless Greg and Chris, Jen and Will, Denise and Grace. I love you guys and couldn’t respect you more for what you do and how little you get in return, don’cha know. I’m confident your rewards will come, if you don’t appreciate the ones you get already.

Greg, I got your “stuff.” Chris, I won’t know what to do with myself in New York without Depot runs. Jen, I suggest you avoid “eye contact” with your volunteers. And for Pete’s sake Will, have a steak next time you’re at Palace CafĂ©, will ya?

And please, to all who may stumble upon this post, if you’re looking for an organization that will make great use of your money or volunteer time—especially in New Orleans—PNOLA should be right at the top of your list.

You won’t be sorry.

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