University of Kentucky TRANSFORMS Ms. Landa's!

Last week, a crew of certified ROCKSTARS visited us from the University of Kentucky and in a mere 4 days of service, these students upped the anty for volunteers everywhere...

Mastering the art of tile setting by lunch on Monday, Lauren #1 (of 3... a site leader's confusion nightmare ;) perfected the grout joints flowing from one room to the next with one tricky cut piece of the lovely 'Sonora Taupe' tiles in this Bienville house.

Wrestling with the mixer, Austin quickly became our "construction chef", discovering the ideal consistency for Thin Set mortar to float beneath 4 rooms of tile.

Sarah, our advocate for ceramic beauty, seals the finished product.

Whiz Kids, Lauren #2 and Donnie begin looking upward to door hanging as they cased out each door frame.

Pondering the complexities of sheetrock hanging, the ladies soon took the bare bathroom from open framing to new walls in a matter of hours!

With a slight shaving off the edge of a tricky piece of drywall, Lauren #3 is the woman to thank for the tight joints between sheets in Ms. Landa's bathroom!

In 4 days, UKentucky accomplished:

  • Finished tile setting
  • Cleaned grout joints
  • Grouted 4 rooms and a hallway
  • Applied haze removal and tile sealant
  • Hung bathroom sheetrock and installed corner bead
  • Sank all screws and prepped drywall for mudding
  • Window casing and trim installed
  • Windows caulked and painted
  • 6/10 interior doors installed
  • Interior pre-hung doors caulked and painted
  • Ran all baseboard throughout the house
  • Installed 1/4 round in all tiled rooms
  • Appliances and cabinets relocated to kitchen
  • Washer/Dryer unit moved to utility room
  • Debris removed, hauled and dumped
  • Housed prepped for final caulk/paint touch ups throughout
Waaaaaaayyyy to go, Kentucky! Thank you all for the significant impact you made in getting this DHA house a huge step closer to being a home! <3

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