New Client: Lyle & Demetra Leduff

PNOLA welcomes Lyle and Demetra Leduff as their projects was officially opened with volunteer work last week!

Lyle has lived in this house most of his life, he grew up there.  He met his wife in the neighborhood.  This is where they want to be and have lived in a cramped FEMA trailer for the last several years in order to stay in the neighborhood they love.

Due to Hurricane Katrina the upstairs of the house was affected by wind damage which caused leaks that ultimately damaged some of the exterior walls, while the downstairs took on more than five feet of flood water and had to be completely gutted.  Lyle didn’t receive any financial assistance from Road Home or FEMA and used the majority of his insurance pay out to pay off the mortgage leaving him essentially no money for renovations.  FEMA granted Lyle and Demetra a travel trailer and they have been living in the side yard since 2006. 

With the funds he was able to scrape together, Lyle started renovating the basement apartment in his spare time.  For years Lyle worked for his father, a contractor, and is very skilled at residential construction.  However, without the proper funding his renovation progress was minimal. 

Lyle is now enrolled in the Double Home Advantage Grant Program funded by the Greater New Orleans Foundation and run by Crescent Alliance Recovery Effort and the United Way of Greater New Orleans.  PNOLA has been working with Lyle since September 2010 to get him enrolled in the program and after several months of waiting his project is now open for business!  We are so excited to be working for Lyle and Demetra and can't wait to bring them back home!

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