PNOLA's Newest Clients

Signora and Marie Durette at the NPRPP closing

Meet Marie Durette and her daughter Signora!  They are the latest PNOLA clients to successfully be accepted into the Non-Profit Rebuilding Pilot Program.  NPRPP is providing 100% funding for PNOLA to complete the renovation of their Katrina damaged house!  We can't wait to get started!

Standing: Jim Coningsby (PNOLA), Grace Harriett (PNOLA)
Seated:  Signora Durette, Marie Durette and Kenny Durette

The Durette home is located in the 7th ward around the corner from two other PNOLA projects.  The house is double shotgun style home once shared by mother and daughter, Marie and Signora.  Since hurricane Katrina the family has worked diligently to get work done on the home and although a lot has been accomplished there is still much work to be done.  Mrs. Durette and Signora have been living in double FEMA trailers in the backyard of the house since Katrina.  5 years in a trailer is too long and PNOLA is so excited to be apart of finally getting them back home. With the help of PNOLA and NPRPP funding the Durette family will finally get last bit of help they need.  

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