Discovering new challenges at Ms. Lucindas...

With PNOLA's new Fire One AmeriCorps NCCC members from the Denver campus at my side, Team Jen has returned to Erato Street! Little did these kids know just how tricky baseboard installation can be...
With a limited grant funding Ms. Lucinda's home remodel, we have been salvaging and restoring as much material as possible. During the original construction, her hardwood flooring had been installed after the baseboards, locking them in place rather than sitting on top. After her home was gutted and her walls rehung, we discovered that sheetrock sits much thinner on her studs opposed to the original plaster and lafting strips...resulting in a large gap between the baseboard and the walls.

(An example of the baseboard gap behind new sheetrock, bottom left)

After many many hours with the Sawzall, Matt was able to free the baseboards from their stationary position and our wonderful Loras College volunteers reinstalled them against the sheetrock, eliminating the gap. However, we soon learned this was only the first step...

(Matt (NCCC) and Kate (Loras College) re-installed the baseboards)

Once the baseboards were in place, we found a new gap between the baseboards and original flooring that the quarter round was not only too small to cover up... it fell in! Back to the drawing board...

(Mr. Martin showing Volunteer Pete how to attach and use and a featherboard on a router table.)

Modeling the baseboards in Lucinda's house after the traditional method of building crown molding, we ripped pieces of 1x down through the table saw. Our friends at United Saints Recovery Project lent us their router table in order to create a rounded edge, matching the original baseboards. Even Ms. Lucinda's neighbor, Mr. Martin stopped buy to offer a few helpful hints in the world of wood working!

(Ashley caulking)
(Matt prepping for paint)

With the routed moldings eliminating the gaps in the floor, we now had a smooth surface for quarter round. A little caulk and some paint... and the Erato Street house has brand "new" baseboards!

With crown molding, trim, doors and baseboards all re-installed, Ms. Lucinda's house is reaching the final stretch before we bring her home!

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