Almost there!

With Ms. Franks, Ms. Toni's, and Mr. Johnson's houses very close to completion (among other on-going projects), things are moving right along here at PNOLA. And much of that work can be attributed to the efforts of our NCCC Team--Fire One.

Over the last few weeks, we have caulked, painted, hung doors, installed baseboard and trim, scraped paint, installed thresholds, cased out doorways, installed shelving, put in an attic access door, removed grout haze, installed window sills, hauled trash, and built an AC unit platform.

Ms. Franks
Tiana and Missy's first attempt at door trim. Check out those corners!

Joy painting away

Wishing she could fly away?

Gil knocking out some window sills
Tiana doing some painting

Adam dutifully scraping paint. (Also, nice eye protection)

Removing grout haze is soo much fun!

Jared and Adam working on the AC unit Platform
Missy ripping a plank

Whoo-hoo! Thanks y'all!

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