New Orleans: The Forgotten City

The following is a documentary made by volunteers from Calvary Community Church of MD in October 2009. Not all of the work seen was done with our organization - I believe that their group was split into two between ours and another organization. We just recently found out that it was up on YouTube, so enjoy!


David said...

Wonderful, wonderful video - very indicative of the many volunteer groups who have come to NOLA over the past 5 years - and of the beautiful neighborhoods and people they have helped!

Can you tell me: which neighborhoods are actually featured in these videos? It says 9th Ward - is that Upper, Lower, or both? Thanks.


Denise said...

Yes, I thought they did a great job of capturing the work that they did and the people who they helped.

My best guess at neighborhoods featured in the video - 7th Ward, Central City, there was a house on the Northshore, and I don't know which section of the 9th Ward that was. The only house of ours that they worked on was the 7th Ward one.

Sometimes volunteers aren't sure where they are because the neighborhood boundaries can be confusing, so that's probably why they weren't all noted in the video.