Who Dat? An extremely productive team, dat's who!

Hello, hello PNOLA fans!

It's been a bit of a hectic yet fruitful couple of weeks here at PNOLA (no, no... I haven't been MIA, I've been busy!) With the very talented and attractive River 7 at my side, Team Jen is knocking out tasks left and right!

We're creeping up on the final stretch over on Erato Street...

After completing Wall Texture 101 with me, Sarah, Mac and Jacquie finished spraying the walls in preparation for our wonderful St. James volunteers to throw up the final coat of interior paint.

Getting started on the new flooring, we discovered a number of rotted out, termite infested soft spots. After cutting back the sub floor, we were able to restructure the joists and set new plywood, securing it so that Ms. Lucinda won't fall through her floors!

After rehabilitating 3 damaged areas in the sub floor, PNOLA's AmeriCorps NCCC rockstars teamed up to knock out the snap together flooring!

With a special visit from our construction manager Chris and his N-trip side kick Cain, we finished hanging and casing out all the doors, trimming out each window as well as caulking and painting all the reinstalled trim-work.

Shifting our attentions back to the Hollygrove neighborhood, we revisited Ms. Frank's house to set and grout all the tile in her kitchen and bathroom.

The dangers of texture: Remember to set your compressor to the correct PSI! The original texture on Ms. Frank's walls was a chunky, thick, eye-sore of a hot-mess. Taking our hopper-mastery to the next level, Mac and I were able to successfully even them out to resemble a balanced orange peel texture... and a big thank you to our James Madison volunteers for the fantastic job painting her walls!

As of this week, PNOLA has launched our latest project... Tim and Toni's house! After facing the challenges of contractor fraud as well as a break in, this couple was forced to give up on finishing their Gentilly home. That is, until Saints players Roman Sharper and Darren Harper partnered with PNOLA and the United Way to equip them with the materials necessary to return home.

While Jackie, Ashlyn and myself cut and secured the mold resistant hardie backer board to the moisture rich areas of the home including the 2 bathrooms, kitchen and washroom, Ruth and Taylor as well as Mac and Sarah teamed up to cut and fit OSB throughout the remainder of the house.

After securing the OSB this morning, PNOLA's NCCC members have begun laying the snap-together laminate flooring throughout Tim and Toni's house today.

While the rest of the team prepared to run laminate throughout the house, Jacquie and Ashlyn made up 'Team Tiles'... a force to be reckoned with. Their beautiful tile-work was started in the washroom and will be ready for grout next week!

The PNOLA crew is so excited to be working on Tim and Toni's home and want to extend an enormous thank you to the United Way of Greater New Orleans and Saints players, Roman Sharper and Darren Harper for their generous support!

... Everyone, remember to wish Jim a 'Happy Birthday' tomorrow!

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