Hope for the Holidays in the Media

Last weekend Darren Sharper and Roman Harper came out to the work sites to check on our progress at Sgt. Johnson and Mrs. Jones's homes, and to do a little work themselves.  Our NCCC team and the volunteers from Union College were thrilled, as were the neighbors, as Roman and Darren spoke with them about the work that they were doing, signed T-shirts and took pictures.

We took tons of pictures of course!  Check out the slideshow below.

Several news stations showed up to cover the event on Saturday. WDSU's coverage is here, and embedded below is the video from WWL.

Also, the two families were interviewed this week and invited to Sunday's game against the Rams, where the footage from the interviews aired.

The goal is to be finished with these houses by Christmas, which gives us a little over a week to go!  Check back regularly for updates as we near completion of these "Hope for the Holidays" homes, and check out www.unitedwaynola.org/hope for more information on how to contribute to this program.


cindy said...

What a wonderful Christmas! Way to go Roman and Darren! You guys are true super stars and so is PNOLA - a fabulous organization helping NOLA families. We are wishing all of you the very best in 2011!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cindy, for your words and your support!