Goodbye River 7!: From the PNOLA Team

It's time for our AmeriCorps NCCC Team, River 7, to leave us and go off to their new project. While we know they will never have another sponsor as awesome as PNOLA, we wish them luck and hope they are put to good work for the rest of their terms.

We can do so little to show our thanks, but as a small effort I'd like to do a re-cap of all they got done:

Ms. Franks House
Jacquie, Sarah, Malcolm, and Ashlyn all contributed to installing tile in Ms. Frank's kitchen and bathroom. Malcolm also helped Jen re-texture her walls to make them look so much better and then lead a group of volunteers from St. James Episcopal in Virginia to finish painting her walls.

Lucinda's House
Jacquie, Sarah, Malcolm, and Ashlyn worked alongside Jen to help finish Lucinda's walls and then prime and paint so that we could move on to trim work. They worked hard to detach and reset her baseboards and learned how to install laminate flooring and tile.

Landa's House
November 2nd, 2010
Ruth, above it all.
Ruth, Chris $$, and Kari worked mostly with Will to remove Landa's old, damaged siding and tear out some old capentry. They then put it all back together properly and with new materials. After the electrical and plumbing trades were completed, Cain worked together with Union College to install the insulation and then the original crew was back in action helping Will and Rosemont College hang sheetrock. Shout out to Ruth for putting in the most hours at Landa's, to Taylor for helping put in an obnoxious window, to Kari for doing a great job hanging sheetrock with the vols, to Ashlyn and $$ for putting up some mad siding, and to John for shimming out that crazy kitchen wall.

December 10th, 2010
Jacquie pouring thin set.
Toni's House
Jacquie, Sarah, Malcolm, and Ashlyn took their knowledge of tile and laminate flooring that they gained at Ms. Franks and Lucinda's to complete the flooring at Toni's house. Taylor joined in to help get even more done in anticipation of New Orleans Saints players Roman Harper and Darren Sharper (the funders of the project) coming by to inspect the work and show their support.

John's House
December 7th, 2010
Kari, in a tight corner.
Ruth, John, and Kari worked very quickly with Will and the volunteers from Union College to complete the sheetrock and damn near tape and finish all of the walls in a single week! Their hard work impressed New Orleans Saints players Roman Harper and Darren Sharper (the funders of the project) who came by to check it all out.

Warren's House
December 7th, 2010
Cain, looking suspicious.
Taylor and Cain worked with Chris (PNOLA, not $$) and the Union squad to install insulation and sheetrock and finish the new walls to match with the existing walls. Their efforts to make accurate cuts and shim out the framing was key to tying the sheetrock into the old plaster so that Warren won't be able to tell where the old walls stop and new walls began.

Ryan's House
Taylor and Cain worked with Greg to complete a hefty amount of carpentry to prepare Ryan's house for sheetrock.

Ms. Judith's House
Shadow puppets?
Judith's House
John and Kari worked together with volunteers from St. James and James Madison to complete the finish work and repaint the walls and trim.

Pastor Harris' Church
John worked with Will to nearly complete the siding on the gable of the church. The top part of the gable is a long way up and we really appreciate John's bravery (and balance).

KaBOOM! @ Easton Park
John, the leader of Team Giraffe!

KaBOOM! x 3
The entire team combined to lead volunteers at three KaBOOM! playground projects, including Warren Easton which could not possibly have happened without their presence.

From Jim
Y'all have definitely been our best team and I don't imagine you getting topped. Your willingness to work hard, ability to learn all of the tasks we threw at you and retain that skill and even turn it around and teach it to others is what made all of this come together. Without y'all we would have buried ourselves under more work and volunteers than we really could have handled. While y'all didn't have the opportunity to see one of our projects get finished, we will make sure to keep you updated. We worked on so many houses as you can see above and got so much done at each one its hard to imagine having accomplished it without you. I appreciate your enthusiastic high-fives and I hope we gave you a great experience!

A Note from Grace
I know I didn't get the chance to get to know you as well as Jen, Will and Chris but, you guys made a great impression on me as individuals and as a group. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our projects and clients. I can only hope that you enjoyed your time here in New Orleans and never forget how many families your work has helped. You guys have helped us out tremendously and I really wish you could stay with us for another spike!! Please stay in touch and come back to visit!

Words from Denise
Hi guys! Thank you so much for all of your hard work, we would not have accomplished nearly as much on the projects that you've worked on without your help. I hope you have fun on the rest of your spikes, and please come back and visit us when your term is over. Following you around taking pictures wasn't just for PNOLA, it was for you, too! I put together an album on Flickr of all of the pictures that I have of you guys, feel free to post them on your blogs, share them with your friends and family, etc.

From Chris:
Good show.

From Greg:

Just want to say we appreciate all the quality work you helped PNOLA with. You have great skills in construction!


Thanks for all the help with getting things from place to place...


I want to personally thank everyone who assisted in that wreck near Sergent Johnsons house in the 9th ward, it shows an awesome spirit of kindness to step out and help others in a time of need and in all the construction efforts that you all performed...
Good job

A Note From Will
Howdy! I hope that you've safely made it back to campus (or home) and that you're having a great break. I just wanted to say thank you all so much for all your hard work during the past couple of months. We got so much done. And you all made my job much easier by being so self-directed and by doing a great job with the volunteers. However, given that y'all are the first NCCC team that I've worked with here at PNOLA, I'm pretty sure you've set me up to have grossly unrealistic expectations of our next team. So thanks for spoiling us! Enjoy the rest of your term!

From Jen:
Riiiiiiivvvvver 7! I can never express in words what a tremendous impact each one of you have had on the successes of PNOLA but on the overall rebuilding of New Orleans. Whether I worked with you for a day or for the entirety of the round, your work ethic, attention to detail, retention of knowledge as well as your acquired level of high end skill will continue to dazzle me every time I walk through a house!

Mac- Anytime you feel the need for a heart-to-heart, just let me know... we'll grab the hopper and get a'texturin! I've never seen such a dramatic growth in a single corps member within a round, life has so much good in store for you! I'm so proud of you, Macmas!
Jacquie- Despite the Tile Fiasco of 2010, it's not your fault. But it is. But it's not. Eh, you're still my tile queen, stop sitting so close to me. Wink. Wink.
Sarah- I can't believe you and Jacquie and your discussions. Stop talking about me, guys. Oh here, will you grout those 6 rooms real quick? Thanks.
Ash- Ash, Ash, Ash! Happy Birthday! You will always be the best assistant I could ever ask for! "I love you..."
Ruth- I'm sorry I hurt you when I talked to Fire 1 in your room. Continue with the awesome work, PNOLA misses yo face!
John- I'm soooo going to win the house-finishing race. Don't leave your stuff on my desk, and oh yeah... you are AWESOME at painting.
Kari- Thank you for the delicious crayon flavored lotion cake... mmhmm! Oh, and thanks for sitting through that sheetrock mudding tutorial, I'm sure you're a pro by now!
Cain- Sorry about that really awkward lunch at Popeyes. And did you know? You're a carpenter in training! See you in September! ;)
Tay-tay- Coca-Cola isn't that delicious, I'll try to get you a double cheeseburger but I'll probably forget and please go clean those grout joints. Thank you for being my little knight is shining armor during that whole chop saw ordeal, Well Done kiddo!
Money- $$$$! You are the absolute most diligent worker I've met! Stick you in a room and I'll never hear from you til you're done! No thanks, I don't want to play D&D... and yes, you still look like that one guy I know.

I miss you guys! Good luck with Third Round and the rest of your NCCC year!


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