Before you crack open that champagne...

No calls. No texts. No emails or updates. I know. I'm sorry. It's been winter break here at PNOLA (for some of us at least, *cough, cough* Jim!). However, you can stop incessantly clicking the refresh button. Before you kick off your New Year's celebrations, we thought we'd send you off with a little update on some of our recent activities.

John's House
Wow. Every once in a while you get a house where everything comes together and things just seem to flow (having eight-foot ceilings doesnt hurt either). That's how John's house went. With our ab-fab NCCC team and a hardworking group from Union College, we nearly got the entire house rocked, mudded, and taped in a week! Check it:

The Crew:

Oh yeah, I guess there was also a visit from a couple local football players (a team called the "Saints," you may have heard from them) but there's more on that here and here.

Landa's House
Landa's House has seen quite a bit of work recently: siding, sub-flooring, carpentry, etc. Now, we're finally getting the walls up!

A couple early shots with Rosemont College:

Group Photo!

After winter break, we had a short, but very productive visit from George Washington School of Law.

Action Shots:

The fruits of our labor:

Happy New Years!

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