Volunteers Dirtied, Joists Liberated

Wielding crowbars and shovels, we continued honing our gutting skills this week, as we descended upon a nice little shotgun only a few blocks from the office. Yes, we are proud to report that many a stud and joist was liberated from a stifling existence behind plaster and lath. Nevertheless, there were a few casualties, as we received orders to remove the dropped ceiling.

* * *

Photo Time!

A nice before shot. Note the dropped ceiling and those unseen (but not forgotten) joists still yearning to breath free.

To some, the following image may appear to be nothing more than chaos and destruction--the aftermath of letting a contingent from River 7 into our tool shed. To our piney friends, however, it would doubtless appear as a breath of fresh air.

Ahh, nice and clean. Our work here is done.
*All Photographs courtesy of River 7's very own John Rienzo*

Until next time. --River 7 and PNOLA


Kadida said...

One of the best experiences of my life was gutting a home with PNOLA last year. I still have the scar on my leg to prove it!!
Keep up the good work!!

Denise said...

Thanks for commenting, come back and volunteer anytime!

John Rienzo said...

Awesome experience gutting that house, glad you enjoyed the pics will!