"That's exactly how I saw it..."

After one productive and entertaining week, PNOLA says farewell to one of our most dedicated and recurring volunteers, New York Times researcher, Jack Styczynski! Between our daily lunch treks to "The Spot" and an evening of team building at the MidCity Rock 'n Bowl, our crew also re-framed two of Ms. Lucinda's ceilings...

It has been an exciting week of discovery... Despite being a left-y, not only is Will an excellent bowler, he's pretty darn good at installing insulation too!

...And after identifying a crumbling ceiling, we discovered Jack is definitely our demo-rockstar!

While Chris wrapped up hanging green board in the bathroom, I finally tackled the kitchen!

And of course, Jack and Will finished installing the nifty mail slot!

With 24- 2x6's, 17 sheets of drywall, 15 pieces of insulation, a 10 ft pile of debris, 3 shrimp po-boys, and an accumulated bowling score of 300, this week Chris, Will, Jen and Jack have made incredible progress toward getting Ms. Lucinda back into her home!

Thank you Jack for all the hard work and we anxiously await your return in March... Just keep in mind, "I am NOT in charge!"

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