"This is a lightning strike operation, guys..."

This week, the PNOLA crew took a short break from our adventures on Erato street to jack up Ms. Landa's house on Bienville. Remember kids, do NOT try this at home...

After tearing off the old vinyl siding and removing the floor joists, Chris, Will and myself installed a 4x6 lip along the exterior of the house. After leveling our vertically set 4x4s and hurricane tying them at the top, we positioned them on our leveled jacks. Then we began the slow and steady house raising process...

After getting the side of Ms. Landa's house about 7 inches above it's original position, we called it a day and prayed the jacks would stay put for the evening.

Joining forces, the three of us rallied our muscles to remove the rotted sill plate, allowing room to position and mortar a new pile-on for the house to eventually sit on.

After leveling the base of studs and fashioning a tongue-n-groove system with a couple 6x6's along the length of the wall, our new sill plate is finally in place!

Now that the mortar has hardened in the new pile-ons, we'll will be hosting one exciting house-lowering party today at noon! Thank you again to our friends at the United Saints Recovery Project for lending our crew additional jacks to get the job done right!

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