92.3 vs. 97.1 FM... what shall we listen to today?

While Will's team was out getting their hands dirty with the demo job on Third Street, the other half of the Rhode's students joined Team Jen in getting PNOLA one step closer to finishing Ms. Lucinda's house! And of course no true mudding party would be complete without some jams... but who will win, Led Zeppelin or Lady Gaga? You be the judge!

PNOLA was finally able to complete the second coat of mudding on the Ms. Lucinda's new walls with the help of Rhodes College from Memphis, Tennessee!

Not to mention, these rock-star students definitely earned a Ph.D. in the Science of Drywall Sanding!

Kondwani... not only a fantastic trim-denailer, but a fantastic photographer! I have to give him all the credit for this week's fantastic pics!

And of course these tough chicks had to show off some of their mudding muscles!

Thank you SO very much, Rhodes College! The PNOLA crew had so much fun working with you and cannot wait until you return to the great Crescent City!

Upcoming in PNOLA News: AmeriCorps NCCC's River 7 from the Vicksburg, MS campus joins the PNOLA team tomorrow! Stay tuned for updates on their members and all the work we'll be accomplishing this project round. For additional information about NCCC and other AmeriCorps programs nationwide, visit:


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We hope you went with the right choice ROCK 92.3!
Thanks for supporting our station ;) and our city!

Stacey Brady
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