We lauve team work!

Hello PNOLA family! We are Will & Jen, the latest AmeriCorps members for the 2010-2011 term with the Phoenix of New Orleans! We will be primarily serving this year as Volunteer Leaders, leading crews in rebuilding the homes of our beloved homeowners. Additionally, we will working independently in specific roles to keep the ship sailing smoothly...

Although I spend my days getting my hands dirty on site with my co-pilot Will, I will also be taking on the role of PNOLA's Volunteer Coordinator! The City of New Orleans would not be where it is today without the generous time contributions of volunteers; whether you're gutting a mold-filled home, mudding sheetrock or painting trim, every minute of volunteer time is one step closer to NOLA's recovery. We need all hands on deck... Feel free to contact me about upcoming volunteer opportunities with PNOLA! 504-914-3804, jennifer@pnola.org

Will herein order to put my more annoying neat-freak tendencies to productive use (and stay on Jen's good side), I will be in charge of maintaining our tool cache. This means keeping an orderly warehouse, keeping track of which tools are on site, and determining which tools we will need in the future. In addition to volunteers, tools are another absolute necessity in order to get homeowners back in their homes. As always, PNOLA welcomes any donations that will allow us to keep our tool shed well-stocked and our volunteers productively engaged! Just click on the "Donate Now" button to your right!

We look forward to the upcoming service year, an abundance of team work, and to the wealth of accomplishments PNOLA will achieve with the help of our wonderful volunteers. We would like to thank Jim, Denise, Grace, and Greg for getting us through our first successful week of AmeriCorps training. Oh, and thanks Chris for putting up with us our first day on site...

Who Dat!

In Service,

Jen & Will

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