Ms. Polly's House and Ms. Lucinda' House

Hey All!

Last Friday closed out Jen and I's first full week on site. It was great to finalize our paperwork and finally break a sweat. Thankfully, we were lucky to have some great volunteers including Chris, Mark, and Mr. and Ms. Silverman. Thanks for all your hard work mudding, painting, stripping paint, and tiling! It always impresses me when folks come down and volunteer on their vacations.

This week, Chris (from PNOLA, not volunteer Chris) will be sticking around Ms. Polly's House, while Jen and I move on to Ms. Lucinda's house. There, we will be throwing up some sheetrock.

Today, we had a great crew. We moved Ms. Lucinda's things downstairs, got the new materials inside, did a little demo, and even got a few sheets up. Now we're way ahead of schedule! Not a bad way to start the week...

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