Friday Already?

So it's Friday and that means the end of another work week here at PNOLA. Where the week went, I'm not sure. But I guess that time is bound to fly by when you have great volunteers in large numbers.

This week, we were working at Ms. Lucinda's house. On Monday, we planned to start off doing worksite preparation and we hoped to get some insulation up. However, when a huge group from Arkansas showed up, along with some NCCCers, we got off to a breakneck pace. In fact, we began hanging sheetrock that first day. By end of work on Thursday, the upstairs was cleaned out and we had most of the house (sheet)rocked and insulated--way ahead of schedule!

Thanks so much to the United Saints for working with us, along with our NCCCers and our great volunteers from SVI Arkansas, St. Bernadett in Cincinnati, and Kyle and Jordan from Minnesota. We couldn't have done it without you!

Lastly, as I become more adept at using my cell phone, I hope to take more pictures of our work. So keep an eye out for many striking and full color images capturing our progress on site!

* * *
My pick for volunteer of the week: Waldo, for his unrelenting good humor and positive attitude. Not to mention his great ideas for worksite policy.

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