Congratulations Mrs. Frank!

Mrs. Frank is official! She is the first client to receive grant funds from the Non-Profit Rebuilding Pilot Program from LHFA. Pictured left at her closing are Jim Coningsby (PNOLA), Mrs. Frank, and Benita Corley (United Way of Greater New Orleans).

After Katrina, Mrs. Franks initial Road Home pay out was not enough to finish rebuilding her home. Through PNOLA she applied for Greater New Orleans Disaster Recovery Partnership (NODRIP) funds. The day after she received funding from NODRIP it was discovered that all of Mrs. Franks plumbing and electrical has been ripped out of her walls and stolen! With the help of PNOLA and NODRIP funding she was able have the stolen pipes and wiring replaced and one side of her double home finished. Since then Mrs. Frank has been living in the finished side of her home waiting for another opportunity to finally finish the other side and have her son, Mike, and grandchildren rent out the other side.

The NPRPP Grant funds are going to be used by Mrs. Frank and PNOLA to finish the other side of the home. Upon completion of the of the project, Mike and the grandchildren will start renting the other side! It's worth noting that Mike used to work for PNOLA partner Youth Build, a work force development program focused on the youth of New Orleans. Mike and Youth Build have been a part of rebuilding three homes with PNOLA!

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