PNOLA is Hiring!

We're happy to announce that we're beginning the hiring process for the 2010-11 AmeriCorps season for positions that would start on September 1st and go through August 15th.

Both office and work site positions are available, so please explore our hiring page for more information.

Compensation includes:
$11,400 (before taxes) living stipend, payable bi-monthly over the course of term
$4,725 education award in the form of a voucher valid for up to 7 years. This may be used for student loans or tuition to pursue further education

Other Benefits:
Eligible for AmeriCorps Health Plan
Eligible for up to $200 per month in Food Stamps
Eligible for student loan deferment for length of term

Please explore our hiring page for more information about the hiring process, and to apply!

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