We Have an NCCC Team!

Our new members to the PNOLA family are the River 6 AmeriCorps NCCC Team!  They will be with us through March 11th, and will mainly be working on the homes of Polly Waring and Luella Richards, who are our newest homeowners.

If you don't know, NCCC stands for National Civilian Community Corps.  It's a branch of AmeriCorps that requires a 10-month commitment from it's teams of eight to twelve men and women between the ages of 18 and 24.  They are assigned to projects throughout the region served by their campus in 6 to 8 week spans. They are trained in CPR, first aid, public safety, and other skills before beginning their first service project.  We are lucky to have a team that is skilled in framing, roofing, drywalling, painting, mudding, and tiling!

Team members include:  Sally Webster from Moab, UT; Josh Pasciolla from Manhattan, NY; Stacey Wisniewski from Belleville, MI; Trisha VanTrojen from Auburn, WA; Garrett Wisby from Plainfield, IL; Hailee Schmidt from Reno, NV; Pat McManus from Spoffard, NH;  Emily Haynes from Lawrence, KS; Eddie McGlynn from Cleveland, OH; Zach Taber from Patchogue, NY; and Alyse Zadalis from Washington, DC.  Welcome guys!

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