Thanks to All of the Generous Donors!

Almost a week ago we arrived at our warehouse to find the door open and $3,500 worth of our tools missing.  Aware that a loss like this could mean having to cancel our upcoming volunteer groups and put most of our homeowner projects on hold, we immediately began contacting the media and getting the word out to our supporters and partner organizations that we were going to need help if we were going to continue working for the residents of Lower Mid-City.

The response was overwhelming, and we'd like to give a big thanks to all of the individuals and organizations who donated to replenish our tools!  This includes all of the individuals who've given what they could and the several anonymous donations that we've received through our tool wish list on Amazon.com (and if you're one of those donors, we'd really like to thank you properly.  Please send your contact info to donate@pnola.org).  We'd also like to thank our fellow non-profits, including Beacon of Hope, the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization, GNODRP/United Way, Lagniappe School, The Salvation Army, and New City.  We're expecting more donations in the next few days, and we'll update this list as they come.

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Kristij said...

it's wonderful to see so many people come to PNOLA's aid!